DB behaviour and search into DB

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DB behaviour and search into DB

Post by mahikeulbody »


If I run a seach without to check 'DB' box I can find what I am searching. But if i check it the same request fail to find anything.

The result pop-up displays an empty DB path. Of course I have set a base path.

By the way, how we can know XnView has finish to import all metadata in DB cache so we can do a search using DB ?

NB. I am running 0.26 under Linux/Ubuntu.

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Re: DB behaviour and search into DB

Post by oops66 »

Right, this function needs to be improved, for now you have to browse the related folders first, to fill the data base ( keywords, ...) and by this way that's not "user friendly".

PS: I have a bug :bug: too with the base path setting, and I have to leave:
base path = / (root)
If I try to browse to set an other base path, example: base path = /home, or else that does not work.
So probably a bug ???
see here:
http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 202#p83202

It's that why I also have asked for this DB improvement here:
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