"Fit image to window" not working (Linux)

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"Fit image to window" not working (Linux)

Post by DC »

View options - "Fit image to window" and its variants not working under linux. I am using the latest linux static release (.rpm) on Mandrake 9.2.

Any assistance (or at least confirmation that I am not alone) would be appreciated.

Thanks! }:O)

(NIce app, btw...I just discovered it, on the recommendation of a friend...next best thing to IrfanView for linux!)

PS: Which is the usenet newsgroup for XnView support?
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Post by crazytb »

Hello, DC!!!!!!!!!

Good to see I'm not the only Linux user here!!!!!!!!!!!

Pierre, is currently working on *n*x version of XnView. I hope this version will be really cool. I hope.

I have pointed a lot of things about how to improve XnView for Linux, and you are welcome to point other things as well. I have stopped to talk about Linux version because I was the only Linux user here and because I will wait the next version.

Feel free to join us.

About the usenet newsgroup, see this post:
The fact is that old classic newsgroup is currently closed.