Suggestion re versions\builds & this subforum

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Suggestion re versions\builds & this subforum

Post by Silversleeves »

I don't know if Pierre already has it anywhere -- I did a search but wasn't too keen on advancing past the first page of results.

A sticky to clarify, even if in the most general terms, which Linux builds "go with" (iow are best likely to work in) a certain distribution or group of kernels. In the same sticky, though it's probably not as necessary, a brief explanation of what Windows versions and installs support the Win32 vs the Win64 builds.

At any rate, it would be helpful to have this information ready to hand when one opens this MP Testing subforum in their browser.

Again, just a suggestion. If there's already some discussion thread pertaining to the Linux builds and their appropriate distributions, please post the link to this thread, thanks a lot.