Conditional labels for thumbs and info

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Conditional labels for thumbs and info

Post by JohnFredC »

Currently (MP b0.35), no labels display for folder thumbs and there are no metadata tags to use in a label definition for folders.

IMO, useful tags for folder labels might include:
  • {Folder size}
    {Image count}
    {Sub folder count}
    {Creation Date}
The problem is that the same XnView label definitions are used for all files. If a label tag value is unavailable or inappropriate for a filetype (including folders) then, naturally, it will not display.

The only path I see to having folder labels appropriate for folders and image labels appropriate for images is for XnView to have a means of defining "conditional" labels. With conditional labels, the user could define a different label for each filetype (or filename mask), including folders.

Here is an idea for the conditional syntax. Each condition would be represented by a separate group in the label definition:

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/Folder{Foldersize}/ /JPG{EXIF:ISO Value}/
With this approach, there would be no need for “if then else” keywords and the user could specific as many groups as they desired.

For instance:

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/Folder{Foldersize}/ /JPG,TIF{EXIF:ISO Value}/ /PNG{Modification date}/ /{Size KB}/
In this example, the folder label will show the folder size, JPGs and TIFs will show the ISO value, PNGs will show the modification date, and all files will display the filesize in KB.

If no identifier (JPG, PNG, etc) was present (see last group, above), then the tag would apply to all relevant files...

Folder labels should execute/display after the image thumbs/labels in order not to slow the browser down too much.

OK, that's my idea. With slight modification, this approach should work well in "legacy" XnView, too.
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Re: Conditional labels for thumbs and info

Post by XnTriq »

I would like to be able to specify labels (and tooltips) independently for each “namespace” (as defined in Tools » Options... » Browser » File List), ...
  • Images
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Text files
  • AI, PS, PDF files
  • Archives
  • Folders
  • All other files
  • Custom files
... as well as conditional labels for the different image formats.

See also: Usability: Unified Label Interface