MP v0.38.7 browser tooltip false

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MP v0.38.7 browser tooltip false

Post by rra »

When using Xnview MP038.7 the browser tooltip is in my case defined as:

keywords: {EXIF:XPKeywords}
date taken: {EXIF:Date Taken [Y-m-d_H-M-S]}
GPS: {EXIF:Latitude Ref} {EXIF:Latitude} {EXIF:Longitude Ref} {EXIF:Longitude}

to display the XPkeywords (the one that can be added from within Windows-7),
date taken and GPS coordinates.
This works OK except for the keywords, eg. when I set the XP keyword to "Uden"
then the tooltip tells me Uxxxx with xxxx being all kinds of random non-ASCII (Chinese ?) characters.
The exif information for the same image says it still is "Uden".
Only the first char. is OK, the rest seems to be unreadable,
weird thing is that when moving the cursor around the same selected image the tooltip's keywords changes
(the "Chinese chars" disappear and appear again, the first char is always OK)