Dual monitor: still buggy

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Dual monitor: still buggy

Post by GeorgD »

in 1.9alpha3 there are big improvements concerning dual monitors :D Still, I experience several bugs; only one was found in the forum.

1) mouse cursor disappears when F11 is pressed in browser maxed on 2nd monitor and "use 2nd monitor" is disabled (=full screen on 1st monitor), but not with swapped monitor order, see http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=8833

2) Maximise XnView on 1st monitor, close xnview, open an image from explorer, now XnView returns maximised on 2nd monitor. Annoying as I cannot influence where XnView appears and always have to move it manually. (options > general > "max on startup" enabled or not does not matter)

3) XnView in view mode maximized on any monitor. F11 always opens full screen on 1st monitor.
I'd like to open it either on the monitor a) where view mode is or b) where the view mode is NOT or c) what I told in options > fullscreen > "dual monitor, use 2nd". a,b,c allow me to decide where full screen is shown. Currently, I can show it only on 1st monitor XOR I have to switch to browser mode first. Both is annoying. I'd love most to have a sperate "multi monitor" part in the settings, allowing either absolute (1st/2nd monitor) or relative ("the other" monitor) settings.

4) XnView in view mode on monitor 2. Pipette is active. Tooltip appears on right border of 1st monitor instead of next to the pipette. See screenshot

5) Placing of dialogs is not remembered. I wanna place the dialogs on monitor 1 so they do not hide parts of the image shown on monitor 2. I expect XnView to remember the location at least during one session, better until a) I place the dialog somewhere else or b) that location is not availabe (eg because only one monitor is connected with laptop when on the go; then reset to default)

2 and 3 are important for me (they are really bugging me every few days), then 5 (not nice, but not that bugging), and the rest is not that important (=just not nice and irritating).


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Post by Koogle »

2)... if I maximised it on the 1st monitor, closed it, and then opened another image.. it opened maximised on the 1st monitor as it should.. but if its maximised on the 2nd monitor, it still opens up on the 1st monitor.

3)...I noticed that if I move xnview onto a 2nd monitor and F11.. it goes fullscreen onto the 1st monitor, but it leaves this trace of the task/filebar at the top of the screen. And if i maximise viewmode on the 2nd monitor and then F11, well then xnview moves onto the 1st monitor taskbar, but you can't see the image in fullscreen, all i see is stuff running on the 1st as normal.

anyway I do agree that more improvements for dual monitors should be made if possible :)
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