can you shrink a picture file size?

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can you shrink a picture file size?

Post by tiff »

how do you shrink the file size of a picture? is it possible with this program or does it just convert between different types???
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Post by ckit »

Please download "XnView 1.90 alpha 3" and use the "Export" feature for this.
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Post by Drahken »

Any program that can save an image can reduce it's filesize. Some ways to reduce the filesize include:
Use a different format. Lossless formats like TIFF or BMP are inherantly large, switching to JPEG will greatly decrease the filesize of photographic images.
Choose a higher compression level. If you're using a lossless format and already at the highest compression, you'll have to use a different method. Compression level can be set by clicking the "options" button when you go to save an image.
Reduce the dimensions of the image. By cropping or reducing an image, you will reduce the ammount of data in the file. This in turn will reduce the filesize.
Reduce the colors of the image. If you reduce the image to 256 colors or less, or convert it to greyscale, that will again reduce the data and therefore the filesize.
Blur the image. You can reduce the size of a photo in JPEG format by blurring or softening the image.

The easiest way to get an image at a low filesize and still keep it at an acceptable quality (nearly anything that will reduce the filesize will have an impact on quality (although often it isn't a noticeable one), it's simply an unavoidable fact) is to do as ckit suggested and use the export function in the 1.9 alpha version of xnview. This will allow you to see the results of using a different format, higher compression, and reducing colors before you actually save the image (cropping and blurring still have to be done before exporting though).
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Post by DOS386 »

how do you shrink the file size of a picture?
Use PNGOUT (for PNG images only). It reduces file size by factor up to
cca 1.3 against a PNG saved by XNVIEW. Accepts PNG, GIF, PCX or BMP as

Also, reduce number of colours before compressing (this is a lossy act): start
with 256 and try even less and check quality. This will drastically reduce
file size.
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