Browsing through pictures in random order (but no slideshow)

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Last Zolex

Browsing through pictures in random order (but no slideshow)

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Hello to all! :)

I am using the marvellous xnView for quite a while now (1.70.4), but I am missing a little, little feature I'd like to have :wink:

What I can do is this:

1. I open a picture file from a directory by doubleclicking on it. xnView opens in "show picture" mode
2. then I may or may not choose fullscreenmode
3. then I can navigate through the pictures in the folder by using pageUp, pageDown, home, end and even the spacebar
4. with using enter I go to the browserlist or with esc I stop xnView at all

What I miss are two additional keys to jump forwards and backwards randomly inside this folder I currently browse...
A slideshow is not quite a solution to my needs, because I cannot browse backwards in a (random) slideshow either. And it is a little tedious to always generate a slideshow first, before you can randomize your pictures, especially if there are some non-picture files in the current directory.

What I am searching for is a kind of "automatic randomized slideshow" which contains all (known) pictures from the current directory and is always available when navigating through this directory by using the designated keys.

I think ACDSee(tm) had this feature in earlier Versions (<6), but I don't know if it still has (as I don't use it anymore) ;-)

ok, this might not be a very important feature for most of you, but I thought I could ask if someone else would like to have such a feature :D

Stay well!

Last Zolex
Last Zolex

Similar Request

Post by Last Zolex »

I am sorry, I saw too late that there was already a similar request in november 2003 ;-)

Please take my posting as a "refresh" of this request :)