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Just make sure it defaults to Copy Image, or a lot of people will still be bewildered and annoyed.
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Re: Absolutely !

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Clo wrote:
4=Copy name¦s and full path¦s
Why??? This setting is for view mode
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In any mode

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:arrow: Pierre

:) Hello !

• I need to copy one name in View many times, i.e. to paste it then in a CSS file I'm working with…
- And several names from the Browser for same or another purpose.

• But I guess that the request I did a while ago (separate commands for each kind of copy)
makes much more sense than using workarounds.

• This should be useful for a lot of users, IMHO…

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Post by nim »

I eagerly vote for atleast a setting to set default behavior to Copy / ctrl+c == copy file (like copy file in windows explorer).

Without that feature it's a pain to browse (Viewer) through a large amount of pics and copy the favorites to a fav/ directory for example.

For me this is a really important feature :)

Why not make use of Ctrl+Shift+C too? that way we can have two behaviors without having to change back and forth in settings :)
Arguably these two could be copy file (explorer way) and copy link/path since copying image data could be used with ctrl+c as soon as you make a selection (ctrl+a is quick :).