Search by aspect ratio (to find wallpaper)

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Gingerbread Guy
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Search by aspect ratio (to find wallpaper)

Post by Gingerbread Guy »

I would love to have the option to search by aspect ratio. It would be very useful to locate 4:3 images to use as wallpaper. For example, I have many awkwardly-sized pictures that resize to the desktop perfectly, but I have no easy way to find them :(
I've also noticed that you've added "search, picture width/height" in the beta. If you could add the option to search by an exact value, and separate width and height (which is how ACDSee does it), that would be wonderful.
Keep up the great work :)
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Post by Dreamer »

I support this request!

It would be useful also for wide 16:10 wallpapers.