XnView plugins and third party plugins

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XnView plugins and third party plugins

Post by guest - murthymsr »

I have been trying to understand and enjoy the fruits of XnView, particularly the plugins.

There are about 6 plugins to be placed in the addon directory. And there are more than 30 plugins provided by third party developers. More may be added with time.

For one like me, who loves experimenting with varous available facilities, unzipping each of those plugins into a single directory (addon or plugins) may create problems particularly while trying to remove some of them.

So, I request Pierre and all third party plugins developers to install (unzip) into a different subfolder corresponding with the particular plugin.

for example, neroCD plugin may be placed in the folder .../addons/neroCD and so on.

Request Pierre and the developers of third party plugins may consider the possibility.

I have posted in 'general support' as, as a guest, I am not able to post in 'suggestions'. Appologies.

Thanks in advance.