intel mac/10.4.8 with xnview or xconvert - will it work?

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intel mac/10.4.8 with xnview or xconvert - will it work?

Post by BabaG »

i'd like to install xnview and/or nconvert on my intel mac running
osx 1.4.8. what's the current status in this regard. i seem to be seeing
a lot of problems in the forum.

also, a lot of the other software i look at is broken down into sections
by mac osx ppc or intel. i only see mac for xnview, no specification
as to processor architecture.

am i correct that if i install xnview, nconvert comes with it? what
package would i install on my system? if there isn't something that
currently works on my mac, how about nconvert? is there a working
package for just nconvert i could install?

sorry for all the obtuse questions. obviously so much of a n00b i
don't even have the app yet! from other post, though, seems like a
perfect match for my needs.


oh, yeah, how come the forum comes up in russian when i signed
in to the 'english/french' link?