moving files within folder

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moving files within folder

Post by Paddy »

Is it possible to sort pictures manually within folder.
I have large numbers of old photos that have been scanned in and none of the "sort by " choices meet my needs.
Need to nominate my own sequence. Does not appear possible to drag and drop.

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Re: moving files within folder

Post by xnview »

Paddy wrote:Is it possible to sort pictures manually within folder.
I have large numbers of old photos that have been scanned in and none of the "sort by " choices meet my needs.
Need to nominate my own sequence. Does not appear possible to drag and drop.
Currently you can't change order of files in a folder

Feature request: Custom sort order

Post by Karl02 »

Me too!

I would like to sort the thumbnails in the browser window manually by dragging them with the mouse to an individual, custom order and batch rename them afterwards. I think this would be a rather simple but very powerful feature. Could you please consider to add this feature in the near future?

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Post by JohnFredC »

Me three!

I use this function all the time in Picasa. Great for quick sorting for a slide show.

me four

Post by Scott »

would like to switch from BreezeBrowser to XnView, but need a custom sort order feature. Drag and drop within a folder would be great which I use routinely in BreezeBrowser.

XnView... nice program.

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Post by Karl02 »

This feature request is now listed in the Global Request & Suggestion list as "- Moving files within folder (sort by custom order)". There have already been many requests for this feature in this forum; see list by XnTriq in the following thread:
- to move the mini pictures

I tried to copy the list to here, but it was rejected as spam ... :(
Best regards
-- Karl
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Me too !!!!

Post by Pulky »

I would like this option !!! Custon Sort or Custon Order

Karl02 thank you very much :D :D
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Post by Karl02 »

Here's another request for this feature: Custom sort?
-- Karl

It is possible

Post by Muzza »

If you need to order images in a folder you can do it. However the folder view sort options of winxp will not show you how they are physically ordered on the disk.

My problem was that I wanted to setup a slideshow of images and title slides to play on a digital photo frame. I used Picasa2 from google. I dragged all the images I wanted into a new folder. I then created some title slides to separate the photos. You can create them in any image editor. I saved them as jpg files in the new image directory. I then organised my 400 images in picasa2 and slotted in the title slides.

When I was happy with the slideshow sequence I selected all the images in the folder. They then appear as small icons in the photo tray at the bottom right.

I then click the export button and used this feature of Picasa2 to resize my photos and write them to a usb drive, flash card or even another folder.

Hope this helps...remember you may not be able to see the actual order that they are written to the disk but the above method will write them in the order you want them.

Regards Muzza
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Add another vote

Post by colin_e »

Yes please!

XNView is great, but my biggest disappointment so far has been realising the "lightbox view" of slides is not re-orderable.

I want this for the same reason as every one else- After a rough sort (probably by date/time picture taken) I want to fine tune the sort order before bulk processing (including renaming to he new sort order) for export to a slideshow.

Currently I have to use Picasa (which has it's own problems) and XNView together, which some minor manual fixup in the middle.
Regards: Colin
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Post by JohnFredC »


I'm curious what your problems have been with Picasa.

Post by Guest »

JohnFredC wrote:OT:

I'm curious what your problems have been with Picasa.
Rather off-topic, but i'm happy to assuage your curiosity. Issues with Picasa (which for a free tool is very good BTW) include-
  • It doesn't understand network drives via UNC paths. I store all my user directories and photos on a NAS box, with the folders accessed as e.g. //servername/photo/folder/... Picasa will not index files on UNC paths. A workaround is to map the NAS paths to drive letters, but this is clunky.
    Batch renaming is rather dumb. The numeric rename option (a)goes "1,2,3" not "0001,0002,0003", and leaves the number off the very first file in the list. Luckily xnview can handle the numbers with it's numeric sort option, and fix-up the file naming, but the "no number" "zeroth" file has to be renamed by hand first.
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Summary: Custom sort (the essence of related threads)

Post by zips »

Summary: Custom sort (the essence of related threads)

Last edit: Sat, 2008-03-29, 13:26

--------------------------- IN ENGLISH ----------------------------------------
[Version francaise voir ci-dessous.]

XnTriq just posted a refresh (Thank You!) of his collection of threads related to the subject "custom sort".
I started taking notes wich developped to a résumé reflecting the essence (or what I considered such) of the offered information and arguments.
Maybe this is useful for other newcomers to the subject as well, wishing to grasp the actual state of the debate without having to reread all the threads.
Thank you for correcting any misunderstandings or mistakes (and sorry for the length, I just tried to be complete about this).

(What do you think? Would it be useful to keep this résumé up to date? Or rather not?)

1. Until now, the custom sort option EXISTS BUT INSIDE THE DIALOGUES "Batch Rename", "Slideshow", "Attach File" and "Multi-Frame-Picture" - and has been ASKED FOR (e. g. by Ty Griffin, oli) FOR THE DIALOGUES "Web Page" and "Contact Sheet".

2. It works by typing ^ or v (up/down) and not by drag&drop.

3. The pictures are displayed as a "file-name-list". You can only view one thumbnail at a time belonging to the file-name you just clicked on.

A. It would be great to view ALL THE THUMBS
of all the pictures concerned during the sorting in the same interface ...
(desired by davidlu and Seagreeneyes)
(or as many as can be displayed at a time)

B. ... to be able to sort them by DRAG&DROP
based on a really "visual" decision (asked for by Torsten3d, davidlu,
Seagreeneyes, Karl02, Scott, supec, helmut)

4. But as a custom sort once established can serve MANY purposes, why tie it strictly to ONE function at a time?
(argues in this sense: Bruno/Bof)

would be more than nice: a sorting of the folders and
virtual folders/"categories" (asked for by: Paddy, Karl02,
JohnFredC, Scott, Pulky, oli, supec, helmut, colin_e, libor and others).

The best would be a drag&drop-Sorting in the Browser itself, like a
LIGHTROOM-TABLE (Karl02, helmut, colin_e, JohnFredC et
or, if this is not possible, in a dialogue similar
to the "slideshow" but reduced to the sorting function.

[The current function-linked dialogues still stay useful: p. e. whenever you want to include an amount of pictures out of different folders just for one precise operation without intending to especially create a new project-folder with clones or aliasses of all the concerned pictures.]

5. Sometimes it will pe sufficient to establish a temporary order, for a quick slideshow etc. But normally people would want to save this personally elaborated sequence for a whole bunch of operations (batch rename, slideshow, web page, contact sheet, a photo album for the grand-parents ;-) ) or for the repetition/modification of a function already acomplished.

D. So it woul be highly useful to
save one or more of these individual sequences to (re)use them
whenever needed - alternatively to the sorting by date, name etc.

6. Often, people need several of these individual sequences, so why forcibly link the saving of the established order to a criteria written in the file or filename itself, allowing but one manually chosen position in the sequence until this criteria is altered again?
Because until now, to save a custom sort, you need a workaround using a criteria contained in the file, such as the sorting by name, date ... - TY: "the order has to be some quantifiable thing". And the function "batch rename" is often used but to provide this workaround (Ty, Troken), wich creates quite some otherwise pointless renaming effort.

6a. Not too bad, if you need but ONE individual custom sorting. But as soon as you need to conserve another personal sequence for other operations or aims like - for example - the alphabetical order you had BEFORE your last workaround "batch rename"? Will you now restart batch renaming or (worse) copy the whole (real) folder and files to conserve an alternative custom sort with different file names?
- [Same thing or still more complicated for the use of specially inserted numbers in IPTC-Tags as workaround sorting criteria.]

6b. And: The workaround "batch rename" just seems acceptable as long as you are not too keen on keeping a TRANSPARENT and always EQUAL system of file-naming (like DATE_TIME_CONTENT or SEQUENCE-No_PICTURE-No_CONTENT) displayed consequently throughout your Windows Explorer or in the Title-bar of photo-editors (Photoshop etc.) - But if this is important to you ...?

Maybe a little (hidden?) file in the concerned folder would do? (proposed by Patrice
Legoux, supported by oops66)
. Such a "sequence"-file could then be used by all the operations/functions.

from then on available for the concerned folder IN THE MENU "VIEW/SORT BY ..." (proposed by Bruno/Bof).

Thats what many XnView-users are currently still bound to dream of. Some other programs have already a similar functionality but can not compete with XnView in other regards.
What seems still uncertain is, whether these visions are realistic for XnView itself.

In the threads/posts listed by you, XnTriq, the last message of Pierre concerning "custom sort" seems to be "Currently you can't change order of files in a folder." (12th march 2007) ?
Are there any new trends, hints or decisions concerning this subject ?

Is it a function worth hoping for in XnView?
Or is the implementation just not possible because such functions dont work or cope with the general architecture of the program such as designed today (Pierre, 6 nov 2005: "pas basé sur une BDD")?

(Is it worth reasking and suggesting this feature from time to time or would it just be a waste of time and energy of the forum members because this functionality can definitely not be arranged within XnView?)

Thank you for redirecting to this Résumé (in case you find it useful) and thank you for your answers and for your support for this essential feature, really decisif for many users searching for a photo-manager.


[I've got but the german version in front of me, so please: excuse my probably unprecise english notions for the menus etc.]

--------------------------- ET EN FRANCAIS --------------------------------------------
Compte rendu: Tri (classement) manuel, personnel, individuel

XnTriq vient de me/nous proposer une petite collection actualisée (Merci!) des rubriques ayant pour thème le "tri manuel" ("custom sort"). Voici le compte rendu de toutes ces messages - pour que d'autres puissent participer plus facilement (sans devoir relire le tout) et pour que je sois corrigée en cas d'erreur (excusez la longueur, j'ai essayé d'être "complète" quant à ce sujet):
(Peut-être serait-il utile de garder ce resumé tjs actuel pour que de nouveaux venus avec la même question puissent entrer plus facilement dans le sujet?)

1. Jusqu'alors, le tri manuel n'est POSSIBLE qu'à l'intérieur des dialogues "Renommer par lot", "Diaporama/Slideshow", "Attacher des images" et "Fichier multi-pages" - et SOUHAITÉ (p. e. par Ty Griffin, oli) pour les dialogues "Créer page web" et "Contact Sheet".

2. Ca marche avec clavier ^ ou v (up/down) et non pas avec glisser/déposer (dr&dr).

3. Les images sont visibles en liste "noms de fichiers". Une vignette (thumbs) ne s'y trouve que pour l'image actuellement choisie.

A. Il serait donc désirable d'avoir TOUTES LES VIGNETTES
de ces fichiers visibles ds la même fenêtre lors du tri ...
(proposé par davidlu et Seagreeneyes)
(ou tant que possible de montrer en même tps ds la fenêtre)

B. ... afin de pouvoir les arranger par DRAG&DROP à base d'une
décision vraiment "visuelle" (demandé par Torsten3d, davidlu,
Seagreeneyes, Karl02, Scott, supec, helmut)

4. Mais comme un ordre personnel une fois établi peut servir à BEAUCOUP de propos, pourquoi le lier étroitement à UNE fonction précise? (ainsi aussi: Bruno/Bof)

C. Alors un ARRANGEMENT/tri des thumbs d'un dossier et des
dossiers virtuels ("catégories"), INDÉPENDAMMENT D'UNE FONCTION
CONCRÈTE serait super (demandé p. e. par: Paddy, Karl02,
JohnFredC, Scott, Pulky, oli, supec, helmut, colin_e, libor).

Préférablement dans le Browser-même, comme un
LIGHTROOM-TABLE (Karl02, helmut, colin_e, JohnFredC et
ou, si ce n'est possible, dans un dialogue semblable
au "diaporama" mais réduit à l'arrangement de l'ordre.

[Les dialogues actuels peuvent tout de même rester très utiles, si l'on veut - pour un but/une action précise - inclure un choix d'images au delà d'un dossier concret et si l'on n'a pas envie d'en créer un (avec tous les alias concernés) que pour ce but.]

5. Parfois suffira l'établissement d'un ordre purement temporaire, p. e. pour une diapo etc. Mais normalement on voudrait conserver cet ordre minutieusement établi pour tout un tas de fonctions (Renommer par lot, diaporama, page web, contact sheet, album photo pour les grands-parents ;-) ) ou pour la répétition/modification d'une fonction déjà utilisée.

PERSONNELS serait utile pour le/les
réutiliser alternativement avec les tris par date, par ordre
alphabétique etc.

6. On a très souvent besoin de plusieurs de ces ordres individuels, alors pourquoi forcément lier l'enregistrement à un critère inscrit au fichier? - Jusqu'ici l'enregistrement d'un ordre "manuel/individuel" ne marche que par détour à travers un critère immanent du fichier tel que le tri par ordre alphabétique du NOM, par date, ... - TY: "the order has to be some quantifiable thing". Et la fonction "Renommer par lot" ne sert souvent que de workaround pour conserver un classement manuel à travers l'ordre alphabétique (Ty, Troken), ce qui crée pas mal de renommements autrement inutiles.

6a. Pas trop mal si l'on n'a besoin que d'UN ordre individuel. Par contre, cela devient un peu embêtant dès que l'on nécessite un autre ordre pour d'autres fonctions/buts comme - par exemple - l'ordre alphabétique qu'il y avait AVANT. Va-t-on recommencer la procédure "Renommer par lot" ou (pire) faire une copie du dossier réel des fichiers pour conserver un ordre (individuel!) alternatif? - [Même chose ou encore plus compliqué avec l'insertion d'un chiffre dans les IPTC comme critère de tri "auxiliaire".]

6b. Le workaround "Renommer par lot" ne parait, de plus, acceptable que si l'on ne tient pas trop à un système de noms de fichiers TOUJOURS PAREIL et TRANSPARENT (tel que p. e. DATE_HEURE_CONTENU ou NOMBRE-SÉRIE_NOMBRE-IMAGE_CONTENU) qui s'affiche de manière conséquente selon cet ordre dans le "Windows Explorer" ou dans le tître de l'image dans un programme éditeur (Photoshop etc.). - Mais si l'on y tient ...?

INFLEXIBLEMENT AU FICHIER (nom ...). P. e. ds un petit fichier
(caché ?) dans le DOSSIER concerné (proposé par Patrice
Legoux, soutenu par oops66)
. Un tel fichier "séquence" pourrait ensuite être utilisé par tous les outils.

F. Pour le dossier concerné, les CLASSEMENTS PERSO' sauvegardés
sous des noms quiconques pourraient apparaître (tel que
proposé par Bruno/Bof)

En voilà le petit rêve, au moins partiellement réalisé par quelques programmes, mais dont je ne sais pas s'il est réaliste/réalisable quant à Xnview.

Ds les messages-forum que tu m'as proposés, XnTriq, le dernier message de Pierre à propos de ce sujet date apparemment du 12 mars 2007 ("Currently you can't change order of files in a folder.")?
Y-a-t-il, depuis, quoi de neuf à propos de cette question ?
Est-ce une fonctionalité que nous pouvons espérer avoir un jour ds XnView ?
Ou n'est-ce peut-être pas possible parce-que de tels fonctions ne s'accordent pas avec l'architecture générale du programme tel que concu actuellement (Pierre, 6 nov 2005: "pas basé sur une BDD")?
(Juste pour savoir s'il vaut la peine d'espérer et de redemander/resuggérer de temps en temps ou si cela ne gaspillerait que le temps et les nerfs du forum parce-que problème irrésoluble en XnView.)

Merci pour reférer à ce Compte Rendu (si vous le considérez utile) et merci de vos réponses et de votre soutien pour cette suggestion très nécessaire et assez décisive pour le choix d'un photo-manager!!!


[Je n'ai que la version allemande devant moi, ainsi s.v.p. : excusez mes imprécisions concernant les notions exactes ds les menus. Merci à Clo pour sa contribution côté vocabulaire.]
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... still dreamin' of lean&cute egg-laying-wool-milk sow ;-)

Thank you for any correction or advice - also the linguistic ones.
Merci pour toute correction ou conseil - aussi du domaine linguistique.
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Wording and wrong section

Post by Clo »

:arrow: zips

:) Hello !

• That's not my business, but I inform you that you are in an English section,
hence you ought write in French in the French one only…
- Just some info, though :
…des threads (branches?)…
- threads = “rubriques” (or “sujets”)
-"Batch Rename", = “Renommer par lot”
And so on…
- Sorry for OT, but whether you'ld wish to discuss about the French wording, please contact me via PM ;)

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Translation follows tonight!

Post by zips »

:arrow: Clo

Thanks for giving advice! Translation added!

(... willing to further exploit your multilanguage skills!!! :D
- any additional hints concerning the above are highly welcome by PM)