relative paths in batch convert

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relative paths in batch convert

Post by sergo »

I don't know if it's a bug or a feature so I've decided to put this in the suggestion section.
It's a relative path problem in batch convert dialog.
When I'm converting some picture in the folder, I put in directory field relative path - "./xnview_copy_test", and what I'm expecting is new folder in the CURRENT folder. But there's not the new folder. In most cases this folder is appearing in my user folder, under "documents and settings".
But if I open the image file by double clicking in Explorer and then change Xnview to browse mode and then make BathConvert with relative path I will get new subfolder!
So, I think, Xnview considers Windows-wise current directory instead of directory in which I'm working in current moment:)
It will be fine if this behavior will be more expectable in one of the future realese of Xnview.
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Post by marsh »

Placing $\converted\ in the output directory field might provide the function you're looking for. It tells the program to create new subfolders underneath the original ones.


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Post by sergo »

thank you marsh!

It works perfectly! I didn't know about $ sign.
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Post by helmut »

Good solution, marsh. I didn't know about the $ placeholder either. That's somehthing for the XnView online help and the FAQ "How to Batch convert several images at once".

[EDIT] I've just copied marsh's above info to the FAQ, I hope you don't mind, marsh.