One Click Rename

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One Click Rename

Post by bluej »

The main reason I still use an old version of XnView is because I need to be able to click on the file to rename or copy the text (like the ordinatry windnows way of doing it). I need this feature, and I am unable to do that with the new versions (this is besides batch renaming which is a great).

I know I have to hit F2 and there's pop-up, but I need this with the click of the mouse and copy or edit individual file names.

So, I'm currently testing out v. 91 - and I see in Options that there is ticked box that says "one click rename." If it's already ticked, then why am I still unable to click and rename it? Nothing happens when I click on the image file.
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Re: One Click Rename

Post by XnTriq »

XnTriq wrote:
Lupin III. wrote:btw. (I'm using xnview 1.90 for just over a week now), why is the explorer like rename function (single clicking on a selected file) no more available? It was simple and fast.
  • Tools » Options... » Browser
    • Browser » Use dialog to rename file
    • Folder tree » Single click to rename