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Rob C
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Minimize to Sys Tray

Post by Rob C »

Does the program have the ability to minimize to the Sys Tray (INSTEAD of the Task Bar) ?
I have searched this forum, and the Help file, to no avail.

If the answer is no, and this transforms to a request, could you make it so that it automatically minimizes straight to the Sys tray.
Also I prefer Sys Tray actions to be just a single left click to restore the program (rather than double click, etc), back to the screen.

If you prefer to make it match a 'standard action', I could live with the Firefox approach.

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Post by helmut »

Welcome to the XnView forum Rob C. Now we have two Robs, you (Rob C) and robc.

Currently, there is no such things as "Minimize to systray".

For all I know, systray is basically for helper tools/programs that reside in the background and do something given that a specific event (keyboard, file, network transfer, ..) occurs.
XnView can do screenshots and there's a request that screenshot key should work right after starting XnView. So this would be some kind of "Service in the background". Also I guess that startup might be even faster if XnView had been started in the systray.

I think an option which allows for choosing between normal minimize and minimize to systray would be good. People might want to add XnView to the auto-start folder, so "Minimize to systray" should be combinable with "Minimize at startup".
Rob C
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Sys Tray

Post by Rob C »

Thanks for quick response (and the welcome).

Both Firefox and Thunderbird, have the ability to minimize into Sys tray.
The first minimize attempt, goes down to the Taskbar. However another click of the Taskbar 'button' then goes the extra step of removing the Taskbar 'button', and placing it into the Sys Tray (Notification Area, as MS has now decided to call it, without my permission).

Once in the Sys Tray, a single Left click restores it.

Your suggestion in the final paragraph, would be fine.

(The real Rob C)
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M$' gobbledygook---

Post by Clo »

—> Rob C

:) Hello !

• I guess that could be useful, and implemented as an option for “Minimize…” like helmut says above, I support.

• Aside :
…(Notification Area, as MS has now decided to call it, without my permission)
- Without mine either ! :P  Let know that they did the same in French (Zone de notification), and that is totally meaningless !
- In Total Commander which has that features for ages, I'd to indicate something like : “… in the cell of the clock…”
to avoid that users scratch their heads for one hour, and post useless e-mails and forum messages Image
“Tray” (a basket for the mail, originally) is not directly translatable,
because that should lead to use the same word than for the Recycle Bin (both “Corbeille”) that indeed is confusing…

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Post by Dreamer »

You can try the HotkeyP as workaround - to minimize any window to tray by a (global) keyboard shortcut.

More here: