Only tooltip shows correct EXIF Orientation value

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Roland Schneider
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Only tooltip shows correct EXIF Orientation value

Post by Roland Schneider »

The EXIF Orientation value in the EXIF tabview table on the main page shows wrong values (always "(1)") for all my JPEG pictures.
However if I configure the tooltip via "Options..." dialog to show EXIF Orientation I get the correct value (either "(1)" or "(6)") depending on the rotation.
The pictures themselves are displayed with the correct rotation.
Picture source is Canon Powershot S5. XnView version is 1.91.
Btw.: Great tool! Thanks for providing that as freeware.
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Post by marsh »

Yes, its odd that it displays correct info when the following option is turned off:

Options... General>{Operations}>[ ]Rotate Images based on Exif orientation
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