Capturing issues

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Capturing issues

Post by Koogle » Wed Aug 29, 2007 3:29 pm

When I first open XnView with the intion of using its capturing feature the first problem I always have with it is that the first capture or even multiple captures never shows up in XnView...

Meaning I select the capture options say
-Active Window
-Hot Key - F10
-Open in XnView

XnView minimizes and I press F10, I then goto open Xnview, and a new capture is shown, in the TAB, there isn't any image to actually see, just blank background if I then minimize xnview manually and do it again then Xnview will show the multiple captures. Its a bit annoying in that I always have to open xnview after it minimizes itself.. or if I forget then I have to do the captures again to.

I do run a dual screen, could that be causing the problem maybe?

Feature Request:

Also maybe XNview could have the option to automactically allow captions to be taken based on previous settings used in the capture panel.. That way I could just start Xnview up and go about screen capturing with the hotkey set before.

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