Need more explicit control over cropping...

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Need more explicit control over cropping...

Post by DemonDuck »

Your existing crop capability is good for many images. But it is very difficult to use on large images with irregular boundries like the kind of image one gets when stitching panoramas.

Stitched panoramas frequently have wavy borders and can be generally misshapen. For example, I'm working on a 6000 x 1000 image with irregular boundries. I must crop the top and bottom straight and not crop any off either end.

That's really hard to drag a hard to see cropping box with a mouse and get the crop that I want.

Give me the option to specify the x and y origin -- upper left like in all computer graphics -- and the width and height of the image. Four numbers -- no dragging and I get the crop I want.

Much easier than dragging the cropping box....