Plz change this save-dialog.

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Plz change this save-dialog.

Post by Troken »

Hello. This unsatisfactory behaviour has happened to me once or twice:

1. I edit (i.e. rotate) a TIF-image.
2. I save the image (Ctrl+S)
3. XnView asks "The file already exist, do you really want to save". Well sure, of course I want to save. I click "Continue".
4. Suddenly this new info-dialog appears:

"Information. Be careful, saving in this format will lose existing metadata!". [OK]
Only on "OK"-button. What, now your'e tellin' me!?! No way of cancelling? But I wanted to save my precious metadata! Argh! Boohoo!

OK, so much for the dramatization. Does this mean that metadata like IPTC and other things are lost? Anyway, this is a weird behavior, you should be able to cancel the procedure. Since it is irreversible, the information about losing metadata MUST appear while the user still can change his/hers mind. Can it be changed until the next version?