to move the mini pictures

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to move the mini pictures

Post by ftomasch »

Is it possible to change the mini pictures for the person who watches the
I`d like to enter a row of pictures individually in this way. Just like on a
light table where dias can be sorted out by hand.
If this possibility exists, is it possible furthermore to save the
range of the pictures?
Some years ago this function existed.

En Francais
Est-ce que c`est possible de changer la suite des images miniature pour le
De cette manière je voudrais installer individuellement une suite des photos. Comme sur une table lumineuse où l`on peut changer ou choisir des
dias par la main.
Si cette possibilité existe, est-ce que c`est possible de garder la suite
des photos?
Il y a quelques ans cette possibilité existait.
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Post by Karl02 »

This feature is already listed in the Global Request & Suggestion list as "- Moving files within folder (sort by custom order)". I really hope that it will be added soon. I must have it!
-- Karl
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Hopefully new answers in thread for "custom sort"

Post by zips »

Good Evening!/Bonsoir!

Thanks to a renewed collection of related threads by XnTriq (Thank you again!), I posted a résumé of the threads/messages concerning "custom sort" in the "Global Request & Suggestion list"/Moving files within folder (sort by custom order).
J'ai écrit un résumé des rubriques/messages concernant le "tri personnel" dans la "Global Request & Suggestion list"/Moving files within folder (sort by custom order).

Maybe this provokes some new answers to the topic.
Peut-être qu'à l'aide de ce post il y aura quelques réactions nouvelles quant à ce sujet.

Best regards/Cordialement,