Thumbnail size to fit screen/scrolling sreenwise

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Thumbnail size to fit screen/scrolling sreenwise

Post by jotess »

there is a feature that I find particularly nice about XnView, that's very large thumbnails. I usually use 384x288 or more (on my 1400x1050 screen). When scrolling through a folder I would find one modification very helpful:

1. Have a slider for thumbnail size in the options dialogue like now but with number of images per screen width/hight
2. As a result, when scrolling in thumbnail view, thumbnails would always be shown completely. They would scroll linewise or screenwise but I would never have the situation that I can see like 2.3 lines of thumbnails.
3. When toggling between "thumbnails" and "Thumbnails with labels" the Thumbnail size would change accordingly so that there is the selected number of whole thumbnails shown again. - Maybe this should be optional as recalculating lots of big thumbnails can take a while.

Maybe some part of this could be implemented separately. Would anybody else find this an improvement?

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Post by marsh »

I have added this to the forum favourite suggestions list.