Right Click Drag/Drop on Files

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Right Click Drag/Drop on Files

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Hello, this is a basic file management suggestion, not relating to image viewing at all.

Is it possible to include a Right click drag and drop of files and folders? It would allow a menu to pop up when you let go at the destination(like Explorer) that gives the options of Copy, Move, Create Shortcut, or Cancel.

Example: you browse over to C:\picture\ and select a picture called b.jpg. You want to keep b.jpg there but want a shortcut on your desktop. Right click and drag to the desktop, left go and choose Create Shortcut.

It would allow easier copying and pasting. I know there are other methods, but this is a very quick way of doing it and being sure exactly what files you are copying or moving or whatever.

This is very helpful for picture and file maintainance
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Post by Dreamer »

I think it was already suggested, but I can't find it.

Anyway, I support it.
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