Extract Image from Xnview.db

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Extract Image from Xnview.db

Post by pleomax »

I have been using Xnview for a year and i must say it is one of the coolest and resourceful piece of software.

Recently i lost a CD full of images which are valuable to me.

Now i want to get those images back but i don't have a backup. Which means the images in the cache is the only one i have. I am willing to recollect those images but i don't know how to extract it from the xnview.db file.

After searching the forum i found that the images may be saved using a 3rd party program.

Can you kindly mention the name of the program which can extract the xnview.db file. The size of my xnview.db file is 450mb.

I am not a programmer that is why i don't know how to extract it. It will be helpful for me if i can carry those images in a flash drive and overwrite the real images on it and in this way i will be able to get them back very fast because the file name is same in the cache. :?
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Post by helmut »

That's really bad, pleomax, that you have lost all those images. :-| I'm afraid the cache of XnView (xnview.db) will not help much because it caches thumbnails, only.

If you are interested in the thumbnails, please contact Pierre.

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Post by pleomax »

Thanks a lot helmut for the fast reply.

I know that it only stores the thumbnails. I need the thumbnails to know which images were included in the CD.
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Post by xnview »

You can enter 'cache:' in the path field (without quotation marks).