Built-in Painting Support

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Built-in Painting Support

Post by yumeyao » Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:14 pm

i'm new to here. at very first, i must thank everyone who has contributed to this project.

aside xnview, i have used most other excellent image viewers on windows platform. well, i'm attracted by xnview's speed and interface. it's really a good job!

yet, some other apps provide a built-in painting toolkit. a screenshot of IrfanView below:

I'd say, it's such a handy toolbox that should be considered.
two reasons why it's a must-have:
1. though a image viewer it is, it provides varies of image processings. so a simple plain toolkit is just one part of it. it helps user easily make comments on a picture. such as, add texts(yes i know it's already in), draw lines, boxes, arrows, etc.
2. xnview has a built-in screen capture function, so what next to capturing? yeah, of course some modifications will make a picture more lively, especially when the picture is used to desribe a process or a problem.

YES, xnview HAS an addon, working as a filter, which deals with basic paintings. but consider it's so weak that even M$ paint can simply defeat it. and... it's external, when you use the "paint filter", you cannot make other adjustments. the only thing different from an external image editor is it doesn't have a taskbar tooltip...

so i hope you can take it to your consideration. and if you accpect my suggestion, i can help draw outlines of this feature.

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Base to discuss---

Post by Clo » Tue Jan 06, 2009 7:42 pm

:arrow: yumeyao

:) Hello ! Welcome aboard !

• You could glance THERE, it's a good base to restart a serious discussion about the xPaint tool… ;)
…it's external, when you use the "paint filter", you cannot make other adjustments. …
• To replace that thingy, I use now GFIE - Freeware that you can start with a button in the XnView tool-bars…

:mrgreen: Kind regards,
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Post by yumeyao » Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:38 am

Thanks for the reply.
I just see the page for “Paint” Retouch Tool…
Yeah i must appreciate the author's idea.

Yet as i talked about.... and the page also points, it has some features missing. well i'll move to the plugin topic to join discussion.

and how about the idea i mentioned to make it "built-in"?
it will have 2 advantages:
1. no seperate windows for viewing(includes general processing) and painting. this helps the interface tidy.
2. no undo/redo limits. you can undo drawing a line then undo a filter such as bluring,etc.

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