Switching Modes - ENTER key issues [since v1.91] + others

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Switching Modes - ENTER key issues [since v1.91] + others

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Since version 1.91 of XnView, the ENTER key has been bugged on the Viewer Screen. Pressing it won't exit Viewer mode at all for me. Is there any chance that the code for the ENTER key on switching modes can be checked over? I wonder if everyone else only uses their double-click or middle-click to switch from Viewer to another mode with XnView (works fine for both of those buttons). It doesn't matter which key or button you use to get to the Viewer mode, or even which setting the ENTER key or mouse buttons have (the above pic is just the default options). Once you're there the ENTER key won't get you out of it into another mode.

I posted about this back when the v1.92 versions were out, but whoever tried to doublecheck it couldn't confirm it. I don't see how it can't be confirmed though. That's what baffles me. I can reproduce this from a fresh reinstall (Default Settings with .ini files deleted between reinstalls) for just about every version I've tried since v1.91 (the last version where the ENTER key worked fine for me).

FWIW, I'm using WinXP SP3 (probably had SP2 at the time I first encountered this), and have had both nVidia and ATI cards in the meanwhile, each with current drivers at the time.

Other Switching Mode things I've noticed (v1.95.4):

1) I notice that in the dropdown list for Double-Click, Middle-Mouse, and ENTER, that the 'Do Nothing' option is missing for ENTER only. Why is this? By design or a bug?

2) Setting ENTER key to 'Browser > Fullscreen > Viewer' gets me stuck at Fullscreen with solely ENTER strikes (starting from a thumbnail on the Browser mode). A double-click or middle-mouse click gets me out of it just fine. Naturally, if another button takes me to the Viewer screen from this Fullscreen, the ENTER key won't get me out of Viewer either.

3) Options -> View -> View tab -> check 'Only one window view opened' to allow for rapid mode changes

Arriving at Fullscreen from 'Browser > Fullscreen > Viewer' via rapid double-clicks on the same thumbnail will start glitching out the window. It can take some time to start happening but if you keep double-clicking you'll get a Fullscreen with a glitchy part of the XnView top menubar and the Windows taskbar still onscreen:

http://i42.tinypic.com/2py2gd2.jpg [1280x1024 image of my Fullscreen]

See all the glitched XnView icons in the upper left corner and the repeated min/max/close buttons on the upper right? Note my taskbar is showing up in fullscreen, as a permanent mainstay. Like I said, this can take some time to start happening, and those icons & Windows min/max/close buttons actually build up from 1 set over time of doing this. They would've increased in number more if I'd kept doing it.

Note that this doesn't happen with any of the other Switching Modes dropdown options, just 'Browser > Fullscreen > Viewer'. I don't know if it happens with middle-click or not, as I didn't test it. Obviously I can't test the ENTER key as it will just get me stuck on that damn Fullscreen mode (as per my 2) observation). Sometimes with 'Browser > Viewer > Fullscreen' the taskbar can be a bit slow on disappearing from Fullscreen, but it usually goes.

Switching Modes overall seems to be messed to hell. If nobody can confirm the 'ENTER key not exiting out of Viewer mode' problem this time, I don't know where to go from here. I'm telling you, this is a fresh install from scratch, and ENTER key is supposed to be set by default in the Switching Modes options to go 'Browser () Viewer'. It only goes 'Browser -> Viewer' (One Way). My main issue with this is that I would like to use keyboard keys to change modes, and if ENTER isn't going to work right, then there are no other options. There are two mouse-button settings, but only one key: ENTER. I wish we could just set our own hotkeys for this or something. If ENTER isn't going to work for me, maybe another freaking key would.

Those glitchy 'Browser > Fullscreen > Viewer' via rapid double-clicks was just something I noticed. I don't use that setting so it wouldn't affect me, but I thought I should mention it regardless.
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The Enter key: I can not reproduce this behaviour. Very weired. I would recommend to install XnView on a different computer to verify for yourself. IMHO you have some background program running influencing this.

The redraw glitches with continued double-clicks (3): I CAN reproduce that, so it should be easy to be fixed.
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