1.96: focus on "yes" button in saving dialog is no

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1.96: focus on "yes" button in saving dialog is no

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Hi and thanks for all the works on XnView.

I recently upgrade from 1.94 to 1.96, and I found the following bug, which was working with the previous version.

I open a JPG picture, and press CTRL+S to save the picture with the default JPG settings (compress at 90% and so on).
The saving dialog box is displayed : file already exists, would you like to overwrite ? with YES and NO and OPTIONS buttons.
The focus seems to be on the YES button : the button is dashed but the NO button is in bold (in XP, with the default theme).
In the 1.94 version, I just press ENTER and the image was saved.
With 1.96 I press ENTER and the dialog box is closed, the image is not saved.
I have to press cursor key left and right to reset the focus on YES and to press ENTER.

I suppose that the focus on this dialog is not by default on YES, but the focus is not so clear : the yes button use a dashed frame but the no button use a bold frame. Wich button is focused ?

The feature to have the focus to the YES button is very usefull. I open a picture, press CTRL+S and ENTER and doing this only with keyboard is very quick to recompress a lot of picture.


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Post by pic_viewer »

In Vista with the default theme the focus is clearly on the No button - where it definitely MUST be!

You should use Tagging and then Batch Conversion. I use this a lot, it is much simpler once set up.