Straighten Scanned Images

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Straighten Scanned Images

Post by Condoman » Sat May 09, 2009 3:36 pm

My first post. First I want to thank Pierre for XnView, it is a great piece of work. I am a PSP user from around v5 through X2. I work in mostly digital pictures, occasional multi-layer diagrams or instructions based on pictures and some scanning or capturing. I started looking for an alternative to X2 because it is so very slow to load.

I installed XnView a few days ago and have been testing the functionality as it fits my needs. I am really impressed with all that can be done and the customization that can be done.

One item of missing functionality is a straighten feature for scanned items. I have searched the forum and not seen a current suggestion or a method short of manual custom rotates to achieve a good alignment. An option to create a point A and point B line as input to the custom rotate would be a great enhancement. I saw something like this mentioned in the Suggestions forum several years ago, but could not find any action or current discussion.

I am available to do testing if needed as I recently retired after many years in the IT business which included mainframe programming and software support, server based middleware support, desktop programmer utilities and application functional testing.

Thanks and keep up this effort.

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Re: Straighten Scanned Images

Post by xnview » Sun May 10, 2009 3:52 pm

Yes right

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