.pdb files

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.pdb files

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I've just downloaded the XnView program and am trying to view a .pdb file but can't seem to open it and get the error message "format of the file cannot be detected". Is there something that needs to be done before I can view it? Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: .pdb files

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Not all pdb files contain image data. If it is a file type which needs enabling, see:
Does XnView support graphic format .xyz?
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Re: .pdb files

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• There are five file-types with the *.pdb extension, coming from five different sources.
- Only the type from Palm Pilot is supported as reading and writing, the others at reading only.
- You could try also to add the extension in the File List, like shown HERE (Include).
- Ensure you too that the box is ticked in the Options at :
[×] Display all image file types

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