Bottom-up checkbox option when saving in Targa (.tga) format

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Bottom-up checkbox option when saving in Targa (.tga) format

Post by Yury »

Please make option to save .tga as bottom-up oriented images or non-bottom-up oriented by the choice.
Or maybe XnView has it, but i just can't find.
Thanks for your attention.

p.s. I mean, in tga header, in byte at offset 17 5th bit indicates picture origin position.
Bit 5 - screen origin bit.
0 = Origin in lower left-hand corner.
1 = Origin in upper left-hand corner.
Some format descriptions say that it must be 0 for Truevision images (that is, picture is stored vertically flipped, lines of picture placed in reverse order inside the file). But still, may i ask you to make an option to save pictures in not-so-truevision way? Because Quake3 ignores bottom-up oriented flag, and i got tired searching for good freeware editor or converter with ability to manage different tga types (please no GIMP) for texture creation/conversion. Sure, i can do it with flip option and hex editor too. Thanks again.

Woohoo!! I see this feature in 1.97! Thank you!