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About Xnview Media Detector

Post by andrea.ippo »

Two suggestions:

1) if you choose to create subfolders in the Import options window, subfolders should be created ONLY WHEN you confirm the intention of importing the photos.
It can happen that you set the import preferences but then want to abort the operation. In this case the subfolders will have been already created, and you have to delete them manually

2) abort the thumbnail creation process when the user confirms he wants to import the selected photos.
I am downloading +350 photos to my hard drive, but had to wait >2 minutes just to see the thumbnails appear. I think the thumbnail creation feature is useful as long as the user has to pick the photos he wants to download, but as soon as he's confirmed his choice, thumbnail creation process should be interrupted, since it keeps the memory card busy and retards the real download process.

Bye :)
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Re: About Xnview Media Detector

Post by oops66 »

+1 for an option to abort (or avoid) the thumbnail creation process (into Xnview Media Detector - XnViewMediaDetector.exe v1.6.1)
http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... tor#p59688
and +1 for an option to auto-dismount media (safe-remove) on completed import
http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... ove#p75543
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