automatic deskew improvements

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automatic deskew improvements

Post by rra »

I tried the automatic deskew option as implemented in the latest 1.96.5 version of XnView.
It works, but there are 2 or 3 things that might need improvement:

When one "automatically " deskews a scanned image the deskewing only works for about 5 degrees,
that is it rotates the image over about 5 degrees, not more.
If one repeats the automatic deskew then the deskewing deskews a futher little bit.
E.g. the image is rotated 8 degrees, deskewing rotates the image 5 degrees, deskewing once again rotates the remaning 3 degrees.

What I would like to see is that the deskewing shows the user the angle that ihas been determined to deskew the image.
Also I would like to see that the deskewing used "smoothing"when doing the rotation, or at least optionally.
Now if one deskews the image you get to see these ugly staircasing effect around lines .