Convert Tiff to PDF with Jpeg2000 compression

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Convert Tiff to PDF with Jpeg2000 compression

Postby kevinj » Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:15 pm


I would like to convert single and multipage tifs to PDF's using JPEG2000 compression, these files are a mix of black & white, greyscale and colour and will be stored in multpile sub-directories and will need to keep the same directory structure.

The problems that I have encountered are :-

1. That I can convert using Batch convert all tifs to PDF, but all the multipage tifs only have a the first page, but do not have the option for JP2.
2. If I try to convert to single page JP2 first but the convertion does not recognise the difference between BW, GS or colour so you end up with the wrong compression.

I don't think XnView will be able to do this but if I could get the tif to pdf using any compression that would be a start.

Can anybody help

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