XnView 1.82 (Windows) - Change log

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XnView 1.82 (Windows) - Change log

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The latest version of XnView is available on the XnView Download page.

Below please find the change log of recent versions. You will find the full change log in XnView, menu "Info > What's new".

XnView's Change log:

XnView v1.82 (LIBFORMAT v4.55) 31/01/2006:

Added : Levels + Histogram
Added : "Thumbnails + labels" in view mode, and "show filename in thumb view" option
Added : Option SPACE => quickslide or dir next
Added : Switch mode => MiddleButton : nothing
Added : Adjust dialog => hide preview
Added : "Auto colapse last used folder"
Added : IPTC edit add "Time Created" and "Release Time"
Added : IPTC edit add "exif date taken, date digitized", System creation date/last modification data
Added : Options/Browser/Filelist/ ".."
Added : Camera RAW : full size, half size, ...
Added : IPTC edit in context menu (fullscreen)
Added : Send by Email
Added : Option : no scroll bar in view mode
Added : In properties, size in cm
Added : In quick slideshow, no adjust
Added : In fullscreen browser, add ctrl+b
Added : When picture is changed, and we delete it display "The file has been changed. Do you really want to delete the file?"
Added : auto levels/contrast in nconvert/multi cnv/toolbar(adjust)
Added : In "change timestamp", add/substract date/time from exif date
Added : Browser : change page from a multipage file
Added : Batch rename duplicate
Added : Support EXIF camera RAW
Added : hidden ini : OpenWithAssociatedProgram, OpenWithXnView, OpenNone
Added : option resize convert to make resize based on original orientation
Added : hanning filter to resize
Added : Write/File Type : most used to the top
Added : edit metadata/export in browser
Added : set jpeg lossless comment, comment <=> iptc caption
Added : Lossless clean : remove exif, iptc, thumb, ...
Added : BLP format
Added : convert in 32bits
Added : Sort by EXIF date (browser & batch rename)
Added : rotation anti alias + background color
Added : 'Name (Numeric)' in batch rename & web page
Added : thumbnail for text file
Added : deskew
Added : Thumbnails for folder
Added : PDF export
Added : Page Down/Up in filmstrip mode
Added : menu "File Edit View Image Filter Tools Windows" in view mode
Added : open bookmark menu with F6/Ctrl+F1
Added : Ignore extensions (separated by space) (par def PDF EPS PS EPSF)
Added : Message before saving multi page file
Added : Message before jpeg lossless rotation
Added : History of convert script
Added : When 'Single click to expand folder tree', do use underlined (treeview)
Added : ShellEx : Use embedded thumbnail if available
Added : ShellEx : EXIF rotation
Added : ShellEx : remove filename
Added : Add hotkeys Alt+2, Alt+3 ... for the second, third ... external program
Added : Add GridSpacing & GridType & KeepGridForNextPrevious as hidden ini
0 > No labels, 1 > Displays digits and letters for the X and Y coordinates (like actually), 2 > Displays only digits for X, and letters for Y
Added : F5 for refresh/reopen
Show/Hide Folder Tabs - Ctrl+Shift+M
Lossless crop - Ctrl+Shift+Y
Create Contact Sheet - Ctrl+T
Show/Hide Tabs - Ctrl+Shift+M
Added : PFI (photo Filtre Studio image)
Added : Folder Tabs, Status bar, Toolbar at the bottom in browser menu!!
Added : "Open parent folder" in context menu after a search
Added : EXIF-user-comment => comment
Added : Added View in search dialog
Added : ShellEx : Set as wallpaper -> fit-> best...
Added : Stretch video option in slideshow
Added : JBR import added
Added : Tab in batch convert
Added : Some entries in tab menu
Added : use_cie in NConvert for ghostscript
Added : option to replalce \ in filelisting
Added : Import wmz/emz
Added : batch convert, $ for original folder
Changed : date template is "Y-m-d_H-M-S" by default
Changed : Use external EXIF text
Fixed : In Batch Rename, "Case" operation should be the last, currently it's before "Replace/With"
Fixed : batch rename: change <folder> to last folder not full pathname
Fixed : In copy/move dlg, hidden folder showed or not following option
Fixed : In fullscreen, view update after iptc editing
Fixed : Problem to rename a file after a searching
Fixed : Bad sorting after search/categories
Fixed : file size not updated after save
Fixed : tab icon not updated after next/prev
Fixed : bug to rename folder by changing only case
Fixed : Description not copied after drag&drop
Fixed : CRW orientation
Fixed : Add text (batch convert) position center
Fixed : ## in Web page create
Fixed : Zoom with mouse wheel in compare dialog
Fixed : Fix a bug for animated gif
Fixed : Problem slideshow in 95/98
Fixed : Problem when saving big picture
Fixed : playbar not hidden in view mode
Fixed : Softimage writing

XnView v1.80.3 (LIBFORMAT v4.47) 30/06/2005:

Fixed : OpenEXR use now gamma of 1
Fixed : Maya IFF 16bits
Fixed : Memory leak in fullscreen
Fixed : Not in the correct folder when returning in browser from view

XnView v1.80.2 (LIBFORMAT v4.47) 30/06/2005:

Fixed : Bad thumbnail for Contact sheet
Fixed : Batch rename & move file up/down
Fixed : WEB creation, no IPTC & EXIF after resize
Fixed : Lossless crop & "Use EXIF orientation to rotate" load option
Fixed : Read ahead/cache behind
Fixed : some other bugs

XnView v1.80.1 (LIBFORMAT v4.47) 30/06/2005:

Improved : Thumbnail for CR2/NEF/ORF files
Fixed : 'Add text' in batch convert
Fixed : Screensaver not restored after slideshow
Fixed : Problem with selection & ratio
Fixed : wallpaper not saved in subfolder XnView
Fixed : Problem saving with Plugins

XnView v1.80 (LIBFORMAT v4.47) 17/06/2005:

Added : binary without dithering
Added : Goto page dialog with update
Added : Automatic levels & contrast
Added : Load all pages in multi file create
Added : Edit Tiff Multipage
Added : New options in Batch scan
Added : Support of WPG 5.1 & 6.0
Added : Pause key to start/stop automatic slideshow
Added : Keep date/time for IPTC
Added : MSBF option for DPX
Added : Option to start slideshow/convert with files from folder
Added : Replace/Options in Batch rename
Added : Camera options in NConvert
Added : JPEG Embedded thumbnail
Added : Thumbnail in batch rename
Added : History & Use last used template option in batch rename
Added : PS/AI/PDF thumbnail option
Added : FLI/FLC as animation
Added : multi ICO writing
Added : Custom date format
Added : HTML template
Added : IPTC searching
Added : EXE/SCR slideshow (windows only)
Added : Zoom with wheel mouse
Added : Opacity in "Add text"
Added : PSD writing
Added : Options for page extract
Added : Popup menu on folder view (rename, delete, create folder)
Added : Start slideshow (recurse or not) from a folder
Added : High quality, transitions in slideshow
Added : One strip for TIFF saving
Added : User config for infos displayed below thumbnails
Added : Support of CGM/SVG from CadSoftTools
Added : WIA support
Added : Thumbnail for .htm/.html
Added : Plugin for AWD (windows only)
Added : Thumbnail for quicktime movie
Added : Lossless rotation is applied to the thumbnail too, if present
Added : New Layout (Filmstrip mode)
Added : DDS writing
Added : Use external player for movie
Added : Crayola ART read support
Added : Folder can be Copied/Moved
Added : 3D border & Drop shadow in Effect
Added : Compare
Added : Dual monitor support
Changed : Options
Changed : Browser & view mode has own size/position
Changed : Wallpaper in "Application Data" instead of "My Documents"
Changed : Use of DEL key in view mode
Changed : Selection in browser with Shift
Changed : Canvas resize in NConvert (added position)
Changed : Camera RAW
Changed : LIBPNG 1.2.8
Changed : Timer value in slideshow can be entered like 0.5
Changed : User Plugins are now in Plugins folder with extension .usr
Changed : Multipage Create, edit & extract in tools menu
Changed : New method to send picture in Total Commander
Improved : xnview.ini reading/writing
Improved : HTML create
Improved : Batch rename
Improved : Adjust dialog
Improved : Adjust HLS dialog
Improved : Global filter dialog
Improved : Generate file listing
Improved : Copy/Move to dialog (windows only)
Improved : Plugins cache to speedup startup
Improved : IPTC dialog
Improved : View in fullscreen from browser (option: enter for fullscreen)
Fixed : Video thumbnail
Fixed : ICL
Fixed : empty descript.ion created
Fixed : DPI options for PDF are not used in Multi-Page create
Fixed : BMP
Fixed : Save as & Prev/Next file
Fixed : IPTC
Fixed : Vicar
Fixed : Psion Bitmap 3 grey
Fixed : XPM export
Fixed : disable directory view
Fixed : Problem with font & '&'
Fixed : DDS
Fixed : PSP
Fixed : KQP
Fixed : TGA
Fixed : Associations on Xp (windows only)
Fixed : IPTC writing dialog
Fixed : View IPTC Custom tag
Fixed : EXIF Casio Makernotes
Fixed : DDS D3DFMT_P8
Fixed : CRW/NEF/ORF/...
Fixed : Many other things...

XnView v1.74 (LIBFORMAT v4.25) 27/09/2004:

Added : Gammasat, conbright, autocrop in multi-convert & NConvert
Added : New submenu for MRUF
Added : Use EXIF orientation
Added : EXIF orientation in "JPEG lossless rotation"
Added : HLS & Sepia in multi-convert & NConvert
Added : Use of key "context menu" in browser
Added : Text template (iptc, exif, ...) in multi-convert
Added : $ for source folder in NConvert
Added : Fit option for fullscreen
Added : Scan headers option
Added : Option to have old zoom feature with left button
Added : Custom size/ratio
Added : High quality preview in browser
Added : Loading WMF in full resolution
Added : (Advanced) Operations can be moved
Added : Add/Merge option for batch IPTC
Added : Flat style thumbnail option (windows only)
Added : Horizontal/Vertical windows tiling
Added : FlashCam frame, Cisco IP Phone & JBIG-2 read format
Added : Lossless crop
Added : lossless operations in toolbar
Added : Options for camera RAW format
Added : Describe on folder
Added : Use EXIF DPI informations
Added : Option to select new files added
Added : Option to use same path for loading & saving
Added : Dialog to view existing files before copy/move to folder
Added : Mouse navigation in slideshow with timer
Added : text can be outlined
Added : Option to use original pathname & format for 'save as'
Added : Read support of Siemens mobile, FAX manager, TMSat, PowerCard maker
Changed : Browser/Show text & Show hexa moved to options
Changed : jbigkit 1.6
Changed : MRW,ORF,NEF
Fixed : Next/Previous
Fixed : <IPTC:Keywords>
Fixed : DDS writed by DirectX9
Fixed : View picture sorted by image property
Fixed : Move lost item focus
Fixed : Associations on Xp (windows only)
Fixed : ESC quit fullscreen view from browser
Fixed : After "Save As", the picture has now the new name
Fixed : XWD
Fixed : When user can write in XnView folder, cache will be created in "Document Settings" (windows only)
Fixed : 16000x16000 limit for gif files
Fixed : Resize selection & Fit image
Fixed : Deselecting item in browser don't update preview (windows only)
Fixed : Some problems with video player (windows only)
Fixed : Describe with search results
Fixed : Multiconvert with CRW/High
Fixed : -ratio with resize & canvasresize problem in NConvert
Fixed : XnView Fit & Fit to image
Fixed : grey scale image resizing
Fixed : Slow scrolling (windows only)
Fixed : Playing movie in fullscreen (windows only)
Fixed : Fit to desktop + fullscreen
Fixed : Iff writing
Fixed : Casio makernotes
Fixed : Problem with old language dll (windows only)
Fixed : With many files, all thumbnails are not created
Fixed : Preview in browser updated after lossless transformations
Fixed : Batch rename lose description
Fixed : IPTC are not readed correctly on some pictures
Fixed : Problem when adding directoty
Fixed : PDD
Fixed : PSP
Fixed : Fit to desktop all
Fixed : Many other things...

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