MediaDetector: Auto Rotate jpg - problem: filesize

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MediaDetector: Auto Rotate jpg - problem: filesize

Post by DigiBear »

A problem with the MediaDetector 1.7.0 (xnview 1.97.6):

Problem: The imported file are modified by the MediaDetector:
Original file size: 854.768 Bytes
New file size: 846.079 Bytes (new file is smaller !)

What I do:
I activate the Option: [x] Auto rotate JPEG images.
The file have already the Exif-Oriatation=1

So there is nothing to do, the file is not to rotate.

The bug is: MediaDetector modify the file, even though the file were not to rotate.

With out the feature "[x] Auto rotate JPEG images" the new and the old file are identical.