XnView 0.35 bad rescalling?

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XnView 0.35 bad rescalling?

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I want to report two more bugs:
- When I'm seeing images that are bigger than the screen resolution, in the rescaling process is resulting of some additional horizontal and vertical black lines like into the attached screen-shot. AutoImage size in preferences is set to "Fit image to windows, large only".
- Even if I'm disabling-deleting everything from the View/Info "Information displayed" field from preferences, I get in Full Screen mode a white square into the top-left corner of the screen. Is possible to remove completely this? You can see this effect into the screen-shot of 1440-900 pixels that I attached to this post.

P.S. img30.jpg is the original image, and the img30_xnview.jpg is the same image how is displayed by XnView in Full Screen mode.
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Re: XnView 0.35 bad rescalling?

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