Style Dark theme not used on images

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Style Dark theme not used on images

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I like the dark theme, but unfortunately, the user must still manually configure the colors for vignette images, preview and fullscreen. It would be great if everything was centralized in the theme file (and already dark).
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Re: Style Dark theme not used on images

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JohnFredC ([url=]XnView MP & theme[/url]) wrote:IMO thumbnail colors should also be included in the theme definition.
JohnFredC ([url=]XnView MP & theme[/url]) wrote:To my way of thinking, each Workspace could have all: a Layout Group, a Theme, and a Thumbnail Definition, and a Behavior Definition... or any combination.

Users could share an entire workspace or only a single component, such as a theme.

Menu options/toolbar buttons would make switching between themes, etc quick and easy. XnView would be come almost chameleon-like and save some of us a lot of time!