What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

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What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by budz45 »


I have taken some time to prepare a full list of features/changes in XnView MP. This should better help new users or existing migrating XnView 1.9x users. I have looked through many forum topics to better collate this list.

Please feel free to help me further in this list. Please keep any criticism as constructive. Thanks.


Virtually all of standard XnView's much loved features have been preserved for the 'Multi-Platform' (MP) version.

For XnView MP, notable features have been re-tweaked, enhanced and visually re-styled. XnView MP is intended to have a unified look and feel across all platforms it runs on. All core features and functionalities of the standard XnView 1.9x are all still present in XnView MP, whilst some features are scheduled to be re-introduced.

XnView MP has a more 'concise' approach in it's design, when comparing it to the standard XnView 1.9x. This conciseness can be visually seen in a lot of XnView MP's user menu's. For example, in the standard XnView 1.9x versions the information items (Info) for "command line", "registration", "what's new" and "licence agreement" were all available under separate items and would open in separate windows or instances. However in XnView MP, this has been re-styled to make all those same items still available, but now under a single ABOUT window with a tabs for each item. Several other concise-thought display methods now exist throughout XnView MP much like the aforementioned example.

XnView MP is provided as FREEWARE for private non-commercial or educational use (including non-profit organizations). XnView MP is supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

XnView MP is NOT Open-source software.

New features in XnView MP compared to standard XnView:
  • Continued support for over 500* image, graphic and video formats
  • Continued support for WebP, APNG and other non-standard image formats.
  • Support for full internal bit depth pictures 8/16/32 bits per component
  • Improved Multi-core processing support in XnView MP
  • Open GL implementation in parts of XnView MP
  • Support for UNICODE - for a great amount of the world's, written language characters (in filenames, folders etc).
  • New and updated Language Translations. #see here & #see here
  • Language translations are convenient text-based files (.lng)
  • Tab dragging by 'sliding' to arrange (thanks to QT) which is similar to Google's Chrome web browser.
  • The "Recent files" menu now has better handling and small visual enhancements.
  • The application's "Options" has been renamed to "Settings"
  • Ability to create custom layout's in the Browser
  • Web Capture: A new ability to take an image screen capture of a webpage without needing a web browser.
  • Ability to disable starting the application with Browser opened, so in it's place an <Empty> tab is displayed.
  • Hotkey editing support: Ability to custom-specify own keys for various commands (in Settings>Interface>Shortcuts)
  • Fully re-styled Toolbar editor in the "Settings".
  • Quicker access to customizing the Browser or Viewer's toolbar (via right-clicking on the toolbar)
  • Support for Dual Monitors in XnView MP. http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=22851
  • Spotlight: New* feature. Useful for screenshot editing, class/family photo's and education uses. http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=21442
  • Newly added Keyboard and Mouse configurations in the "Settings".
  • JPEG reading can now use acceleration from SIMD instructions (2x faster)
  • The OpenEXR (plugin) is no longer a plugin, it's features are now natively incorporated into XnView MP http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=23222
  • Support for viewing and uploading of Picasa, Flickr and other online albums. http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 39&p=94282
  • Better management of 'Categories'
  • The inclusion of 'libjpeg-turbo' library in XnView MP
  • Support for GeoTagging and GPS data in the EXIF http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 07&p=86404
  • Better support for High Quality image Zooming http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 79&p=62230
  • Better support for multipage TIFF files within 'Batch Convert' tool http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 12&p=88747
  • Support for Canon CR2 RAW format
  • Improved Database handling along with Database (DB) migration (for migrating the DB from standard XnView 1.9x)
  • New* A "Sessions" feature: XnView MP now has the ability to save and restore tabs as sessions for next program use.
  • The legacy XnView feature of "Open only one view for multiple files..." now works under the name "Single view for multi-opened files" setting
  • The 'Reopen' feature has been renamed to 'Reload'
  • Right-click on tab bar for "Tab settings" which links to and opens up the Settings>Interface>Tabs
  • Right-click on tab bar "Iconfiy" all opened tabs to a tab size of a 16x16 icon/thumbnail
  • A placeholder thumbnail for loading tab http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=24922
  • New* support for photo Metadata tags such as 'LensID' http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=24786
  • Support for 'Ini Tweaking' by manually text editing the xnview.ini file to enable features not found in the general program settings
  • Ability to clipboard Paste any text file-path into the Browser's address bar to launch a file
  • File's icon feature: A small smart feature that displays the file icon and root directory of any file associated file. This is now viewable within the XnView "Properties".
  • Drag & drop a file onto the Tab bar to open the supported file in the View
  • The feature "Open GPS location in GeoHack" can now be found under 'Tools' menu
  • AutoPlay option now exists which can disable instant automatic video playback
  • Newly designed application File-type Icons http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=25002

GUI (look and feel) changes:
"Fullscreen" & "Slideshow" changes:
  • New* A Fullscreen control bar (semi-transparent) for file navigation and slideshow control.
  • Thumbnail 'Filmstrip' ability of file list in Fullscreen (move the cursor to top of screen).
  • Option to disable fullscreen floating views

Re-tweaked \ Re-styled features:
  • The configuring of Image brightness, contrast, hue - are now under an all-in-one "Enhance colors" adjustment control
  • The conversion of Image binary, colors, grey's, 32bits etc - are now under an all-in-one "Change color depth" adjustment control
  • Ability to Restore-to-default the dial values (Reset button) for adjustment controls. http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=21819
  • The adjusting of 'Conbright' and 'Gammasat' are now under an all-in-one "Conbright/Gammasat" control.
  • The "About" window is now presented as 'concise' tabbed interface with tabs for items that previously were accessible separately
  • The About window can optionally be opened as a tab http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=24870
  • Tab behavior options for when double-clicking on a tabs

New features, for "Browser":
  • Full support for XMP metadata
  • Improved support for IPTC and EXIF metadata handling.
  • Speed-optimized loading of Thumbnails http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?t=21149
  • Browser can now auto-focus to the view of the file after synchronizing with the Viewer
  • Enhancements to the "Batch Rename" feature
  • The same previous 'Batch Processing' feature of standard XnView has now been renamed to "Batch Convert" in XnView MP
  • The "Compare" feature now displays as a tab on the interface, not window (non-modal).
  • The "Batch Convert" feature can now optionally display as a tab on the interface (with the help of 'Shift' key).
  • Customizable Drag & drop GUI window layout courtesy of QT
  • Ability to open a 'File List' from a standard text file (.txt) or list file (.lst) http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=21622
  • Ability to specify a Theme (like a skin) with custom colors and style scheme
  • A 'Dark' theme is available similar to Adobe's PS Lightroom (Thanks to AutoPano team)
  • Sort columns can now be Customizable
  • Sort columns are now included in Thumbnails view too -by enabling 'show header'
  • Tiled preview of selected images http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 19&p=95244
  • File(s) extensions removed on file's now displays native blank-file icon in Browser. File(s) are still readable.
  • Copy to clipboard FULL File path(s), Filename(s) only, Path(s) only, Image data and more
  • Thumbnails for SVG vector files
  • Ability to display a 'Line number' in Details view
  • A new option setting called "Mixed file/folder sorting" so that 'folders' and 'files' in a directory are not shown separately.
  • New* optional setting called "New files added at the end of the list" for Browser directories
  • Rating 'Stars' feature for image files is now present in the Browser "Preview" (whilst using mouseover)
  • Holding CTRL in a 'Browser' file-list directory can now more precisely do multiple selecting of files
  • Drag & Drop support for the filelist in "Batch Rename"

New features, for the "View":
  • New* Image Mapping features: 'Vignetting' and 'Old camera'
  • The addition of a 'Histogram' viewing feature
  • The "Properties" in view mode remembers both dialog window size, position and also remembers it's enabled/disabled tab containers
  • The "Crop" function now has an optional 'toolbar' for non-selection image cropping.
  • Crop toolbar: Ability to rotate a selection and Crop in one step http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 515#p97515
  • New* A 'Pan' tool feature (it's a small preview display on lower-right corne above an image) can be enabled or disabled.
  • Ability to Pan an image in Fullscreen (using 'Pan tool' or optionally mouse hold-click)
  • Ability for Precise Image Zooming (enter a custom zoom %) http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=21653
  • Ability to Start & Stop animated files e.g. GIF's (previously XnView could only just 'stop' animation only)
  • Status bar enhancement: Double-click to reset to beginning frame (both Animated files & Icon files)
  • Icon Snapshot: Ability to now view Windows/Mac/other Icon files as a 'Snapshot' display http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=18751
  • Quick toggling between Icon's standard view and Icon snapshot view http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=23248
  • Highest image page for Icon file's is now displayed first in a descending order.
  • Support for the RSRC icon file format. http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=21103
  • Support for 256x256 and 512x512 page formats for ICNS and RSRC icons.
  • Ability to prescribe a "Rating & Color label" to any currently viewed image.
  • Ability to view a 'border line' around any image viewed
  • Drag & drop of an image file onto a view tab to replace the same view tab.
  • Holding CTRL (during file drag & drop) of image file to replace an existing opened view tab
  • Holding SHIFT with right-click can enable the 'Quick Zoom' feature of a viewed picture
  • Duplicate tabs: Ability to clone a copy of an already opened view tab. (The setting "Multiple view for same file" has to be enabled prior before using the 'Duplicate' feature.)
  • Maximum view tabs: Ability to set a maximum amount of opened view tabs, this setting has replaced the previous setting of "Only one image tab opened"

Planned upcoming features for XnView MP:
  • The 'Paint' application will no longer be a plugin but is natively included as part of XnView MP
  • The 'Effects' tools to make there return
  • The 'Open page number' feature to make it's return
  • Future optional viewing features for 'Icon Snapshots'
  • Future program enhancements (GUI transitions, animation)
  • ..and Much more

All Previous XnView MP versions and other past XnView releases can be found here.
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Re: What's New in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by JohnFredC »

Perhaps this should be a sticky.
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by helmut »

Very good list, budz45! :-) The post is sticky, now. Please note that I've changed the title of the topic a bit in order to make clear that the above list is a list of differences between XnView MP and XnView Windows.
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by XnTriq »

Lazy loading of thumbnails is another feature unique to MP's browser.
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by iphone6 »

i like MP that it supports gesture, such as swiping 2 fingers to the right will go to the next image, to the left will go to previous image. ACDSee 1.6 doesn't support it yet.

But I have to very careful to swipe, because the speed to change to next images too fast!!!
the other system gesture, such as zoom in/out, rotate... still haven't been supported yet.
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by Saint-Oblas »

Did I missed something, but I do not see the Diaporama feature anymore?
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by helmut »

Saint-Oblas wrote:Did I missed something, but I do not see the Diaporama feature anymore?
Slide show and quick slide show are still missing, see topic List of missing features (compared to XnView Classic).

Note: A very later answer but time to update things...
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by Geos »

So basically MP is an improved version of Classic? Is there any reason to use Classic?
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by xnview »

Geos wrote: Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:32 pm Since I don't need multi-platform is there any reason to switch to MP from Classic? I just use it on Windows 10 desktop.
If you want full unicode support & 64bits
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by Geos »

xnview wrote: Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:33 pm
Geos wrote: Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:32 pm Since I don't need multi-platform is there any reason to switch to MP from Classic? I just use it on Windows 10 desktop.
If you want full unicode support & 64bits
Thank you. I reworded my question but 64-bit support is a biggie.
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Re: What's different in XnView MP [Full List]

Post by hardeerr »

Great list! :D

Has it been kept up do date? (It's from almost a decade ago now.) If so, wonderful; if not, is there an update somewhere else?

Thank you.