Zooming in slideshow

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Zooming in slideshow

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I like the slide-show-mode of XnView, because it is convenient, easy to use, and does what I need:
- Controlling with the mouse (important to me, because it is easy to press the wrong button on the keybord when its dark...)
- smooth transistion between slides (or other effects)
- automatic resize of bigger pictures
- automatic orientation according to the EXIF-data.

A feature that I miss sometimes is the possibility, to zoom in a picture during the slideshow.
Most pictures taken with a camera have a much higher resolution than the screen. It would be nice if one could show details of some pictures in 100% resolution or more.

A big improvement (which should be easy to realize) would be, if one could configure the mouse buttons for the slide show as follows:
Left / right mouse button: previous / next picture
Mouse wheel: zoom

(Or previous / next with wheel and zoom with left / right).
Or entering and leaving zoom-mode with middle mouse button (or SPACE on the keyboard, which is easy to locate even in the dark)

An even bigger improvement (but probably not so easy to realize and not so important) would be, if the ‘zoom-mode’ in the slide-show would also allow to drag / move the zoomed part of the slide (if the detail to show is not in the center).
That would require to temporarily disable the next/previous function of the mouse buttons, as long as the picture is zoomed in / zoom modes is active.

I hope this was not to long, and my English sufficient to make clear what I wanted to suggest.
What do you think?

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Re: Zooming in slideshow

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ok, currently slideshow mode 'almost' automatic, so no event from user like zoom...