0.53: Usability: View>Layout and "Layout" toolbar button

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0.53: Usability: View>Layout and "Layout" toolbar button

Post by helmut »

In XnView MP 0.53 we have menu "View > Layout" for setting the layout to a predefined layout. There's is one setting "Free" and I wonder how this setting can be used.

Additionally, there is a toolbarbutton "Layout" in the middle of the browser toolbar. Here, the user can save and restore user defined layout. From my point of view, predefined and user-defined settings belong together. Why are predefined layouts and user-defined layouts seperated?

Typically, toolbars offer a subset of the menus' functionality; so at least the user-defined stuff should make it into the menu "View > Layout".

Note: Perhaps I got the whole layout functionality of XnView MP wrong. If so, perhaps someone can please explain.
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Re: 0.53: Usability: View>Layout and "Layout" toolbar button

Post by xnview »

View>Layout is the layout of the browser panes, save/restore Layout is the full layout of window