Donations: Additional payment methods

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Donations: Additional payment methods

Post by Mintus »

i just wanted to suggest another payment method then the usual ones like CC or paypal. For 2 Reasons.

1. I dont use CC cards online if i dont have to and

2. i dont use paypal for paying online either.

The way i spend money online is with prepaid cards like ultimate game card, Steam Cards and so forth.

Advantages are obvious: no unnecessary data collection :-)

I would like to donate some money for the free programs i use right now, but i can't because of the fact that i can't use prepaid cards.

Is it possible to add such payment methods or is it too expensive to do?

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Re: about donations....

Post by xnview »

sorry but currently i can only via shareit
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Re: about donations....

Post by violine »

I´d like to donate XnView with Flattr if sometime this is added to the site.
For example already uses Flattr.