0.64 Win/64: Compare Tab Issues

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0.64 Win/64: Compare Tab Issues

Post by JohnFredC »

Hi Pierre!

MP is looking (and acting) better and better.

Here are some notes about the Compare tab functionality/appearance:

  • 1. Spacing between Grid/Info/Histogram remains too close. I always click the wrong checkbox. This issue persists from previous MP versions.

    2. There is not enough vertical height in the thumb strip for the file names. Moving the splitter between the thumb strip and the comparison images does not help.

    3. No need for the horizontal scrollbar when thumbs do not fill the thumbs strip.

    4. Initially (when the tab opens), there is no indication in the thumbstrip which images are in which panels. The user must click another image panel to force display of the selection overlay in the thumbstrip.

    Further, the "second" image (and third, fourth) are never indicated in the thumbstrip, only the active panel.

    It would be great if each compared thumb displayed a colored border or other overlay to indicate which comparison panel it occupies. This should happen automatically without user input to initiate it.

    This is important when there is insufficient difference between the thumbnails to distinguish them (as in the example above, where I am comparing various jpgs with a png, all of the same image, to determine which image to send to the canvas printing service).
Thanks for listening!
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Re: 0.64 Win/64: Compare Tab Issues

Post by m.Th. »

+1 - 3 :)

+1 - 3 = "I support the above except the point 3" :)

If Pierre will remove the horizontal scroll bar then I'm afraid that some nasty spacing issues will appear. We had them in the main thumbs pane. Not worth the hassle imho.
m. Th.

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