0.64: Easy way to make it disappear

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0.64: Easy way to make it disappear

Post by m.Th. »

In Tools | Settings | Fullscreen make sure that 'Show Toolbar' is checked.

1. Open Full Screen mode (press F11)
2. Right-click on the Full Screen toolbar
3. Chose 'Customize toolbar'

Expected: The correct page from Tools | Settings dialog should appear.

Actual: The XnViewMP just 'disappears'.
m. Th.

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Re: 0.64: Easy way to make it disappear

Post by CreativeWorld »

The same thing happens when viewing an image in a non-fullscreen window,
and right clicking on either the menu bar (file, edit etc..) or the button toolbar
and choosing "customize toolbar...".
as documented in this post:
http://newsgroup.xnview.com/viewtopic.p ... 22#p116472
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