please update packJPG addon

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please update packJPG addon

Post by squeezechart »

I just wanted to inform you that the packJPG 1.00 addon is outdated.
The newest packJPG version is 2.5i and can be downloaded here
Sources are also included.

And I would vote again for an Android version of XnView.
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Re: please update packJPG addon

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Re: please update packJPG addon

Post by omniplex »

squeezechart wrote:The newest packJPG version is 2.5i and can be downloaded
Big CAVEAT, at the moment PackJPG SHOULD NOT be distributed with XnView, because it compresses JPG files into PJG files, and nobody including XnView can open (uncompress) these PJG files. For that you would need a corresponding PackJPG.exe, but the XnView plugin is only a PackJPG.dll.

Ideally XnView can simply support to open PJG files using the DLL. Alternatively XnView should use the EXE instead of a DLL, then folks can uncompress their PJGs on a command line. The old PNGOUT.exe as a part of the old PNGOUT plugin shows that this is possible.

Second CAVEAT, the author promises that PackJPG version X can uncompress PJGs compressed with the same version. In other words, very old PJGs cannot be opened (uncompressed) by a very new PackJPG.exe. Managing different incompatible versions of the same PackJPG plugin is not something XnView can handle.

Update: In fact PackJPG.exe 2.5i recognizes a PJG 2.3 created by the XnView plugin, but cannot uncompress it.