Del key doesn't work in treeview

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Del key doesn't work in treeview

Post by toralf »

Don't know if this is a bug or intended.

XnView 0.64
In the treeview panel the "Del" key doesn't trigger "Delete" for a folder. The right mouse click menu also doesn't mention the shortcut.

In the thumbview panel the "Del" key does trigger "Delete" for a folder. In this case the right mouse click menu does mention the shortcut "Delete Del".

Even if it is not a bug, for consistency I believe it would help to have the "Del" key behave the same.

The same seems to apply to Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V.
F2 (for rename) works in both panels

XnViewMP v0.64 64bit on Win8.1
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Re: Del key doesn't work in treeview

Post by helmut »

This bug is handled in topic "Del key doesn't work in treeview".

:arrow: Closed (Duplicate).