Exclude Removable Drives from Cache

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Exclude Removable Drives from Cache

Post by ckit »

XnView should have a option to exclude removable drives (Floppy, CD,DVD and USB drives) from caching thumbnails. If XnView caches CD 1 in E:\ and I insert CD 2 into E:\ what is the cache going to do? Add to it or delete it? It's pointless really. Same goes for Network paths, the HDD is the only area that stays the same for any given amount of time.

XnView should also have a list of folders that can be excluded from the cache. These folders would be for temporary work like burning to disc and then deleting.
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Post by Olivier_G »

I support 100%.

Long-term improvement: it would even be better to allow the Caching +Browsing off-line of removable media, based on their Name +Disc ID.

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Post by klumy »

I like this idea
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