Using XNview for splitting images in two : an easy solution

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Using XNview for splitting images in two : an easy solution

Post by Ericus »

I first want to say thank you for this amazing piece of software.

I came here looking for a solution to batch crop some images and also splitting them in two (DRMed ibooks on iOS being hell to use, I'm making a cbr for Comizeal, my screenshots have 2 pages per picture and I want one image per picture).
I found out there was no split function in Xnview.
Someone mentioned Irfanview having this function. As I'm on osX and did not want to wrap IrfanView into a unable package on OS X, here is the solution I found for easily splitting in two pictures.

Step 1
- all your original images are in a folder, open this folder in XnView/Convert

Step 2
- Crop your images appropriately to the right (50% value of your image pixels)
- Batch export the results in "Imagename##z" to another folder "Cropped"

Step 3
- Reopen the original folder
- Crop your images appropriately to the left (50% value of your image pixels)
- Batch export the results in "Imagename##y" to the same folder "Cropped"

Step 4
- Open the folder "Cropped"
- Apply no filter and just export all images renaming them to "Imagename##" to whatever folder you want

The final folder should now contain all your images, one page per image, in proper naming sequence.
Note that I write this from memory and may have messed the order for left and right cropping (will correct later).

All in all, this may seem very obvious to many of you there but it took me a bit of time to figure it all ou so I thought I would share my experience.

Best wishes to 2015 and I am thoroughly impressed by the quality ox XnviewMP/Convert.
Thanks to the authors.

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Re: Using XNview for splitting images in two : an easy solut

Post by cday »

Yes, a split function has been requested a number of times over the years but not implemented yet, and Irfanview has recently added a versatile function that can split images not only left and right, but also m x n, although with no control over the naming of the split images created.

You could, if there is any advantage, make both crops and create the two output files in the same operation using the command line NConvert, which is cross-platform, with a script that calls it twice. Or, using XnViewMP or XnConvert, save the settings for the two crops as separate scripts that can be reloaded easily, or even use two instances of the program which you could run quickly in succession...