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Toolbar border / line

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First of all let me say a big thanx to all the developers for this great Software. Until now I used an quite old AcdSee Version to view the content of my files in Thumbnail-style. But size of thumbnails there was limited so I tested a lot of different viewers and browsers and I am really happy having found XnView.

But there is one small point I could not change, so hopefully you have ideas if this is possible:
The toolbar background is Windows-style. I can activate or disable the plane buttons-style so background of the buttons will be either my own Windows-style or "grey" but I can not change the background manually or add a border line (this is possible in XnViewMP but not in XnView Classic).

The problem ist that in view-mode all displayed images are directly placed at the lower end of the toolbar, without a darker shadow or a black separation line of 1 px for example or any other optical "spacer". So if the picture is light there is no optical contrast to the toolbar.

I have added some screenshots to compare. There you can see that it would be great to have just a line of ~1px in solid black as optical contrast below the toolbar.
So my question is: is it possible to add a border line somewhere in a configuration file or to change the whole background image of the toolbar? Than I would use an own that directly contains the darker end.

Tnank you!
Toolbar in AcdSee has a black bottom line, good for optical contrast
Toolbar in AcdSee has a black bottom line, good for optical contrast
plane button style
plane button style
standard style
standard style
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Re: Toolbar border / line

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i'll check if it's possible easily
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