Exporting/importing XnView settings

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Exporting/importing XnView settings

Post by anybody0815 »

I like XN very much I'm a long fan of it and there are no other which is so cool.
But if my Windows crashed or if I will take the same settings from my PC to another, it's so boring to config everything new.

Can you make a feature (like winrar uses too) to create a .reg file which can execute and set my settings faster?
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Post by helmut »

The place where your settings are stored depends on the option "Use registry to save options", which you can find by selecting menu "Tools->Options", category "Install".

By default this setting is deactivated and all your XnView settings/options are stored in two files: xnview.ini and bookmark.ini. These files are located in the program directory of XnView, typically C:\Program Files\XnView. So if you want to have the same settings on another PC, it's sufficient to copy these two files.

If you have activated the option "Use registry to save options", all the XnView settings will be stored in your registry under the key "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\XnView" and you can use "regedit" to export and import the settings. But this is for advanced PC users, only.