transparent png out of jpg - How to do?

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transparent png out of jpg - How to do?

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Hello together,

I get jpg files or png files from a CAD-program. I want to give them a transparent background instead of the white one. The pictures have 24 bit.
I want, by use of a batch run with XnView Classic or MP, give the new created png a transparent background so that they can be integrated into a operating panel of machines.
Using GIMP i have to change the 24 bit colour into indicated colours, 8 bit. I have to give the picture an alpha canal. I have to select the white color and to delete it.
Is it possible to do this work by XnView e.g. with batch processing (Ctrl+U)?

Thank you
Harald Zimmermann
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Re: transparent png out of jpg - How to do?

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if you want to create 8bits+alpha channel, it's not possible with XnView. For 32bits, it's a basic conversion, you can't select a color